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Countdown to SCG CON!

Get Ready for SCG CON!

While Magic: The Gathering players throughout the world have been competing to qualify for a coveted seat at the 2018 Season One Invitational, and Big Lick Entertainment – one of Virginia's premier festival and concert organizers – have been hard at work expanding the event into a full-blown Magic: The Gathering-themed convention!

Today, we’re excited to peel back the curtain a bit and give everyone a glimpse at some of what you can expect at June 8th-10th’s inaugural SCG CON!

When the doors open, attendees will be greeted by a number of familiar faces, including those belonging to fan-favorite Magic: The Gathering artists such as:

Rob Alexander
Pete Venters
Christopher Moeller
Anson Maddocks
Mark Tedin
Ken Meyer Jr.
Jeff Laubenstein
Steve Prescott
Clint Cearley

Appearing alongside them will be an iconic illustrator who’s brought over two hundred fifty (yes, 250!) Magic: The Gathering cards to life including Solemn Simulacrum, Serra Angel, Baneslayer Angel and Squee, Goblin Nabob!

Please join us in welcoming SCG CON’s Guest of Honor Greg Staples!

Greg Staples

Of course, a convention wouldn't be a convention without a robust event schedule, and here are just SOME of the exciting events that will be taking place at June 8th-10th’s SCG CON!

  • The 2018 Season One $100,000 Invitational!
  • The UNvitational, a special Unstable Sealed event that is sure to be a blast!
  • A No Banned List Modern Open!
  • The Commander Celebration, spotlighting the 100-card format along with special appearances by many fan-favorite Commander personalities!
  • Classics for four different formats - Modern, Standard, Legacy, and Pauper!
  • The return of Duel for Duals - a two-day Legacy event with 100 Revised Dual Lands up for grabs!
  • A $1,000 Magic: The Gathering Cosplay Contest!
  • The return of Power 9 Series - a two-day Vintage event with a prize pool that includes a complete set of the Power 9!

Check out our expanded SCG CON live coverage schedule, and stay tuned to this page as we continue to announce activities, attractions, panels, additional guests and much, much more!