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Ultimate Masters Release Celebration

Ultimate Masters releases on Friday, December 7 and we're celebrating its eagerly anticipated debut at SCG CON Winter!

  • A special Masters Limited sealed event in which each participant receives one booster pack of all seven Masters sets from which to build their deck including Ultimate Masters!
  • Ultimate Masters booster drafts all weekend long in which each winner also receives the factory-sealed box topper from the same box used for the draft!
  • Gold Rush: Mythic Madness promotion updated to include Mythic rares from Ultimate Masters!

Arcade Games

A FREE on-site arcade featuring multiple full-size arcade machines and video game consoles!

Commemorative Apparel

Commemorative SCG CON t-shirts and hoodies available on-site while supplies last!

Cosplay Contest

Magic: The Gathering cosplay contest offering $500 in cash prizes!

Start Time: Saturday, December 8 at 4pm

Entry: FREE to enter!


  • 1st: $200
  • 2nd: $100
  • 3rd - 4th: $50 each
  • 5th - 8th: $25 each

Judges will be scoring based on costume/performance creativity and craftsmanship.

Gold Rush: Mythic Madness

Stake your claim in the Star City, because Gold Rush: Mythic Madness—one of our most popular Magic: The Gathering event promotions of all-time—is BACK!

For December's SCG CON Winter, we'll be setting aside three (yes, 3!) copies of each card ever printed at the Mythic rarity (including those in Ultimate Masters!), placing each individual card into it's own Gold Rush: Mythic Madness envelope, then randomly distributing the envelopes to fans who participate in various SCG CON Winter-related events and activities including, but not limited to, all of the following!


On-site chair massage courtesy of JustBreathe Massage Therapy.

Mobile Device Charging

Charge your mobile devices for free all weekend long at the AT&T mobile device charging booth!


SCG CON Winter offers a number of opportunities for fans to play Magic with some of the game’s most popular personalities and content creators! Be sure to visit the designated spellslinging area often, as many others will be jumping in throughout the weekend and looking for an opponent to battle!

Team Trivia

On Thursday, December 6, and the massive Ballast Point Brewery and Tasting Room invite all Magic: The Gathering fans and SCG CON staff/guests to join us for a special MTG-themed Team Trivia event starting at 6pm!

Virtual Reality

On-site VR pods with over 100 different 9D interactive rides!