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Nissa Cosplay  

Swiss cosplayer Nissa Cosplay has risen to Magic stardom in the last three years. An award-winner at Fantasy Basel 2016, her notable cosplays include namesake Nissa Revane, Ajani Goldmane; Shalai, Voice of Plenty; and Shadowstorm Vizier, which she wore throughout Switzerland's 2018 Magic National Championship en route to a Top 10 finish.

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Vanessa Martin  

Virginia-based cosplayer Vanessa Martin began cosplaying in 2016 with a focus on Magic: The Gathering. She debuted as Nahiri, the Harbinger and has portrayed characters such as Pia Nalaar, Hazoret the Fervent, Elvish Visionary, Tireless Tracker, and Gisela, the Broken Blade. She enjoys Prereleases and Two-Headed Giant with friends, occasionally competing in costume.

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TarmoKat Cosplay  

Indiana-based cosplayer TarmoKat brings cleverly crafted costumes and a never-ending sense of fun, as seen in her viral photos as Deathrite Shaman being hauled off by two Magic judges. Her other notable cosplays include Dark Confidant; Jace, the Mind Sculptor; and Liliana Vess. For TarmoKat, cosplay is a family affair, and her husband will appear alongside her.

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