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SCG CON proudly presents the UNvitational!

Not a dream! Not a hoax! Come be part of the wackiness in this Unstable Sealed event! Half-Squirrel, Half-Pony FTW?

For those wanting to play in Friday's UNvitational Sealed event, this registration package includes:

  • Entry into the UNvitational (Friday 12pm)
  • Six (6) Unstable booster packs from which to build your deck
  • Show Up & Play! experience

The Maximum Seating Capacity (MSC) for this event is 72 players.

Anyone wanting to participate in the UNvitational event must register online by Thursday, December 6 at 11:59pm ET or on-site by Friday, December 7 at 11:50am ET. A publicity waiver is required to play.

Register Today!


UNvitational Players have 30 minutes in which to build their decks. Round One begins promptly after the build time. After four Swiss rounds of UST Sealed, prizes will be awarded based on record.


Finish Prizes
4-0 400 Prize Wall tickets, choice of WOTC Holiday Promotional Card*
3-0-1 300 Prize Wall tickets
3-1 200 Prize Wall tickets
2-0-2 150 Prize Wall tickets
2-1-1 150 Prize Wall tickets
2-2 100 Prize Wall tickets

* Choose from Yule Ooze, Naughty // Nice, Stocking Tiger, Goblin Sleigh Ride, or Thopter Pie Network.

The UNvitational is a sanctioned Casual event and awards 1 Lifetime Planeswalker Point. These points are not used to earn you byes in future Grand Prix Main Events. Visit the Planeswalker Points information page for more information.

Show Up and PlayThanks to our Show Up & Play Registration system, players no longer need to stand in a lengthy line to check-in and receive their Registration Rewards. Registration Reward vouchers are instead distributed during the Player Meeting and can be exchanged at the Customer Service station for your Registration Reward items at your convenience.