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Countdown to SCG CON!

SCG CON Returns!

While Magic: The Gathering players throughout the world have been busy trying to qualify for the 2019 Season Two Invitational, Star City Games and Big Lick Entertainment—one of Virginia's premier festival and concert organizers—have been hard at work continuing to try and make the world’s premier Magic: The Gathering-themed convention even better!

“SCG CON is one of my favorite events.”

Gavin Verhey, Wizards of the Coast

The fun begins on Thursday, November 14, when the Star City Game Center hosts two 2019 Season Two Invitational Last Chance Qualifiers at 11am and 5pm! For those looking for something a little more laid back that day, we invite all SCG CON Winter attendees to join us at downtown Roanoke’s 202 Social House for a special Commander Party from 12pm-6pm followed by the return of our wildly popular Magic: The Gathering-themed Team Trivia event. Make plans to join us for a relaxing day of good food, good friends and good fun to kick off an exciting SCG CON weekend!

When the Berglund Special Events Center doors open Friday morning, attendees will be greeted by a number of familiar faces, including those belonging to nine fan-favorite Magic: The Gathering artists, including legendary illustrator Greg Staples!

As well as five of Magic: The Gathering’s most popular cosplayers!

Of course, a convention wouldn't be a convention without exclusive items, lots of special attractions and a robust event schedule, and SCG CON Winter has it all!

  • The Star City Games 2019 Season Two $100,000 Invitational!
  • Three (3) Premier Series Qualifiers!
  • “An amazing time!”

    Brian David-Marshall, Pro Tour Historian

  • An expanded Commander Celebration spotlighting everyone’s favorite 100-card format along with special appearances by many fan-favorite Commander personalities and an exclusive Commander VS playmat!
  • Three days of Magic: The Gathering-themed panels!
  • A Magic: The Gathering cosplay contest offering $500 in cash prizes!
  • A special MTG Paint Night in which Magic: The Gathering artist Christopher Moeller will lead a small group of fans in recreating his iconic Lightning Bolt!
  • The debut of the Star City Games Players' Cube: a 360-card Cube consisting of 250 cards chosen by Star City Games’ Cube Draft aficionado Justin Parnell—PLUS 110 cards voted on by the community on the official @StarCityGames Twitter!
  • A fully-powered $10,000 Cube Draft with seats earned via eight on-site qualifiers—three of which will be Modern, and the remaining five of which will be limited using copies of the aforementioned Star City Games Players' Cube!

“SCG CON is a phenomenal event and you should go.”

Noah Bradley, artist

Seating for many events is extremely limited, so make plans to join us, register TODAY, and then come be part of the fun on November 14-17 at the SCG CON Winter Magic: The Gathering Convention!

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