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Countdown to SCG CON!

Welcome to SCG CON Summer!

Last year, Star City Games' inaugural SCG CON Summer attracted thousands of fans to our Roanoke, Virginia hometown, and left many more wishing they had attended the first Magic: The Gathering-themed convention.

For this year’s SCG CON Summer, we’ve expanded the length of the event from three days to four, and the physical size of the event to include the usual Special Events Center PLUS the massive Berglund Coliseum. In addition, we’ve increased the number of artists, cosplayers, events, attractions and activities to offer fans our bigger and best Magic: The Gathering event experience yet!

The fun begins on Thursday, June 6, when the Star City Game Center hosts two 2019 Season One Invitational Last Chance Qualifiers at 11am and 5pm! For those looking for something a little more laid back that day, we invite SCG CON Summer guests to join us at downtown Roanoke’s 202 Social House for a special gathering featuring an Old School Magic charity tournament as well as the return of our wildly popular Magic: The Gathering-themed Team Trivia event. Make plans to join us for a relaxing day of good food, good friends and good fun to kick off an exciting SCG CON Summer weekend!

When the Berglund Special Events Center doors open Friday morning, attendees will be greeted by a number of familiar faces, including those belonging to twelve fan-favorite Magic: The Gathering artists!

Noah Bradley
Nils Hamm
Dan Scott
Jason Felix
Richard Kane Ferguson
Jeff Laubenstein
Tyler Jacobson
Zack Stella
Jason Engle
John Stanko
Ken Meyer Jr.
Raoul Vitale

As well as six of Magic: The Gathering’s most popular cosplayers!

Ashlen Rose
Nissa Cosplay
Olivia Gobert-Hicks
Tappy Toe Claws
Vanessa Martin

Of course, a convention wouldn't be a convention without exclusive items, lots of special attractions and a robust event schedule, and SCG CON Summer has it all!

But we’re not done yet! June 8-9 is Modern Horizons Prerelease weekend, and SCG CON Summer will feature special Modern Horizons Prerelease events on both Saturday and Sunday!

Seating for many of SCG CON Summer’s events is extremely limited, so make plans to join us, register TODAY, and then come be part of the fun on June 6-9 at the SCG CON Summer Magic: The Gathering Convention!

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