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Countdown to SCG CON!

Make Plans to Join Us at SCG CON Winter!

The inaugural SCG CON attracted thousands of fans to’s Roanoke, Virginia hometown, and left many more wishing they had attended our first Magic: The Gathering-themed convention.

Since then, and Big Lick Entertainment—one of Virginia's premier festival and concert organizers—have been hard at work planning the second SCG CON, with the goal of evolving the event into an even more unique, and more enjoyable, Magic: The Gathering experience.

Today, we’re excited to peel back the curtain and give fans a glimpse at some of what they can expect at December’s SCG CON Winter!

On Thursday, December 6, and the massive Ballast Point Brewery and Tasting Room welcome all Magic: The Gathering fans and SCG CON staff/guests for a special pre-SCG CON gathering featuring a 2018 Season Two Invitational Last Chance Qualifier, the return of our wildly popular Magic: The Gathering-themed Team Trivia event, and more! Make plans to join us for a relaxing day of good food, good friends and good fun before the big weekend begins!

When the Berglund Special Events Center doors open Friday morning, attendees will be greeted by a number of familiar faces, including those belonging to nine fan-favorite Magic: The Gathering artists!

Volkan Baga
Dan Frazier
Douglas Shuler
Noah Bradley
Mark Poole
Victor Adame Minguez
Jung Park
Anthony S. Waters
Darrell Riche

Of course, a convention wouldn't be a convention without a robust event schedule, and here are some of the many exciting events that will be taking place at December’s SCG CON Winter!

  • The 2018 Season Two $100,000 Invitational!
  • A fully-powered $10,000 Cube Draft with seats earned via four on-site qualifiers!
  • Three SCG CON Winter Championships (Standard, Modern, and Legacy) each awarding $5,000 in cash prizes and more!
  • The return of the UNvitational Unstable Sealed event!
  • A special History of Ravnica Sealed event using all seven Ravnica-related sets!
  • A special Masters Limited Sealed event using all six Masters sets!
  • An expanded Commander Celebration spotlighting everyone’s favorite 100-card format along with special appearances by many fan-favorite Commander personalities!
  • A Magic: The Gathering Cosplay Contest!

But we’re not done yet! SCG CON Winter will also feature another blast from the past—the return of our wildly popular Gold Rush: Mythic Madness promotion in which three (yes, 3!) copies of each card ever printed at the Mythic rarity (including those in Ultimate Masters!) will be randomly distributed to participants in various SCG CON Winter related events and activities!

Make plans to join us at December’s SCG CON Winter Magic: The Gathering Convention, and stay tuned as we continue to announce additional activities, attractions, panels, guests and more!